Bespoke hand drawn portraits and Prints

Prices etc. (the boring bit…)

Everyone should be able to enjoy and own art they appreciate. Especially when it is a portrait/keepsake of a beloved pet – or special person. Perhaps they have passed on, or perhaps it’s a gift for someone special to say Happy Birthday, Fathers/Mothers Day, Christmas… or simply Thank you. It’s a thoughtful, unique gift idea or purchase. It’s special and the price shouldn’t put it out of reach.

Basically, I judge commissions on how long it may take – 1, 2 or 5 hours etc. I base it on around £10.00 per hour. The average quote for one subject – 9×11, graphite sketch is around 3/4 hours. Colour, same size quotes begin at approx. £45.00

I draw from your own photos. The closer/clearer the photo – the better the result. 

If you are interested, get in touch, it’s easy! Email me at  — let me know what you like doing and we’ll chat. 

I do ask for a small (around £15) deposit to secure the slot (It does get busy in the run up the Christmas and Special Event days etc. I can accept payments via Bank Trans or paypal (very secure!) And I mail art world-wide! 

Check out AllArtUK on FaceBook – contact me there too. 😉